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Perfect Synergies Colonic Hydrotherapy & Skin Clinic is a health, wellness and skin clinic. It is owned led by Melanie Buxton. I am a passionate professional who specialises in skin and gut health, including Colonic Irrigation Nottingham.

Based in Newark town centre, on the outskirts of Nottingham, Perfect Synergies Colonic Hydrotherapy & Skin Clinic is a haven of relaxation and a true destination for your health and wellness needs. Your experience starts with close-by parking and public transport links to our clinic. 

At the clinic, we offer a range of treatments focussing on internal and external health – holistic wellness is something I deeply care about. I can guide you through the journey to find the perfect solution to your unique needs. 

Our Services

We offer Colonic Irrigation Nottingham and a range of non-surgical, anti-ageing results-driven facial treatments. These intend to bring you corrective and visible results – all of which are executed to the highest standard using cutting edge technologies and premium products. I recommend, though, courses in facial treatments to achieve the best long term results.

At Perfect Synergies Colonic Hydrotherapy & Skin Clinic, I pride myself on being friendly, approachable and happy to answer any questions you might have. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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What is Colonic Irrigation Nottingham?

Colonic Irrigation Nottingham is a gentle, natural way to help clear and re-educate your gut. In turn, this helps to promote increased overall health and wellbeing.

Although it may seem a strange concept at first, this treatment is enjoyed by many different people worldwide. Melanie will ensure that you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

This is by careful explanations of what is happening at every stage of the process so you can put your mind at ease and relax during your treatment.

How does Colonic Irrigation Nottingham work?

Firstly, I slowly introduce warm, temperature-controlled, gravity-fed filtered water into your colon (your large intestine via your rectum.

Secondly, I perform a gentle abdominal massage in tandem to dislodge and remove stubborn faecal matter and built-up toxic waste and gas. As a result, it helps to bring some relief to any uncomfortable symptoms you may currently be experiencing.

However, if neglected, this could lead to an overload of toxic waste getting re-absorbed back into the bloodstream leading to an increased risk of disease. Therefore, a healthy colon is essential for optimal health.

Is Melanie qualified to carry out Colonic Irrigation Nottingham?

First of all, Melanie is an ARCH & CNHC registered therapist. It means Melanie adheres to the highest standards and rigorous procedures.

Second of all, it includes following the strictest hygiene regimes to be sure you are getting the best possible professional treatment. Everything is perfectly sterile, and all tools used are disposable.

What are the potential benefits of Colonic Irrigation Nottingham?

  • Help to relieve constipation by softening and removing hardened waste matter
  • Eliminate gas and bloating
  • Help to improve colon muscle tone and function
  • To increase digestive function and nutrient absorption
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Eliminate parasites, harmful bacteria and fungi
  • Improve immunity and overall wellbeing
  • Increased mental clarity and concentration
  • Help to relieve emotional stress and anxiety
  • Detoxify the liver and blood
  • Improve skin clarity
  • Re-hydrate the body
  • Help to create space for new beginnings and emotional release
  • Increase metabolism and weight loss
  • Help to reduce cravings
  • Decrease the risk of colon cancer
  • Help to reduce overall toxicity in the body
  • It leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised

Who could benefit from Colonic Irrigation Nottingham?

Colonic Irrigation Nottingham can benefit almost everyone from all walks of life. Although the body’s waste track should be self-regulating, with today’s modern diet of highly processed foods, animal proteins, pesticides, sugars, chemical exposure, constant stress and lack of exercise, the colon often gets over compacted with toxicity. As a result, it is no longer able to eliminate effectively. 

A toxic colon makes an excellent environment for the overgrowth of yeast (candida), harmful bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens that compromise the body’s immunity and function.

If you suffer from any of the below, you may benefit from a colonic hydrotherapy treatment:

  • Constipation
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Bloating
  • Poor digestion
  • Parasites
  • Candida
  • Toxic liver or kidneys
  • Slow metabolism
  • Lack of energy
  • Bad skin or breath
  • Poor diet, weight gain and sugar cravings
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Chronic fatigue or auto-immune disease
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Menstrual problems or infertility
  • Depression, anxiety or emotional stress
  • Headaches, migraines or foggy brain
  • Compromised immune system
  • Diverticulitis
  • Heavy metal toxicity

What is a probiotic implant?

Probiotics are bacteria that reside in the gut, which forms the gut flora. The gut flora is vital for normal healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients, neutralising toxins and pathogens, and playing a part in our immune system.

There are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ types of gut bacteria. Eating the wrong kinds of food and bad lifestyle choices can lead to the ‘bad’ types of gut bacteria. There are estimated to be around 100 trillion microorganisms in over 500 different species in a normal, healthy colon. Most of these are the beneficial type. The different types and species constantly interact over a short space of time as bacteria multiply rapidly. The imbalance of population in favour of the undesirable kind leads to a condition known as dysbiosis.

Colonic implants differ from regular oral probiotics. The implanted probiotic is delivered directly into the colon instead of being taken by mouth and surviving stomach acid. We perform it straight after a Colonic Irrigation Nottingham treatment.

The high concentration of healthy and beneficial probiotics introduced will strengthen and reinforce the gut flora population and help to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

What is a coffee enema, and why have it?

The specially formulated organic enema coffee is prepared and applied via an enema bucket directly into the gut following your colonic treatment and ideally held in the gut for 10-15 minutes.

During this time, the coffee will be absorbed into the liver through the portal flow, releasing Glutathione (a highly effective antioxidant) and S-Transferase into the liver.

This process binds with toxins and releases within the coffee itself, cleaning the colon and detoxifying the liver.

Other Services

Within my clinic, you can also enjoy other services from in-house practitioners.

Holistic Therapies by Charlotte Lee: Charlotte is a highly experienced and passionate Level 5 Clinical Holistic Practitioner offering Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

Adele Elizabeth Aesthetics: Adele is a registered nurse prescriber with over ten years of experience in the aesthetic industry, offering lip filler treatments, anti-wrinkle injections, prophilo, cheek contouring, chin and jawline sculpting, marionette line reduction, nasolabial fold reduction, mole and skin tag removal & vitamin injections.

To view and book any fantastic treatments available by Charlotte or Adele, please visit their websites by clicking the links above.


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I can’t recommend Mel highly enough- she really puts you at ease and makes the whole process painless and enjoyable.
Danielle Thompson / Facebook
Mel is so professional, she really puts you at ease with a thorough consultation and treatment.
Her knowledge on gut Health is second to none.
I have had a few treatments here now and will continue to do so!
Highly recommended!
Kathryn Williams / Facebook

Amazing treatment by the very lovely Melanie. Really put me at ease in her beautiful treatment room. Perfect detoxing treatment especially after the Christmas indulgence!

Sophie Asher / Facebook

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