Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle, natural way to clear and reset the gut helping to promote increased overall health and wellbeing. Although it may seem a strange concept at first this treatment is enjoyed by many different people worldwide and at Melanie will ensure that you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Warm, temperature controlled, filtered water is introduced slowly into the colon via the rectum which in tandem with gentle abdominal massage helps to soften an expel hardened deposits.

Everything is perfectly sterile and all tools used are disposable, Melanie is careful to explain what is happening at every stage of the process so you can put your mind at ease about what is happening.

As an ARCH registered therapist Melanie adheres to the highest standards and rigorous procedures so you can be sure you are getting the best possible treatment.


At Perfect Synergies we offer a full range of facial peels that address and treat, relax and rejuvenate or pamper and soothe. Each peel is tailored to your skin type and only uses the most premium products so we can ensure the best results.

We offer 3 different types of peels:

Chemical peels

which work over two stages to firstly, remove dirt and debris from your skin, targeting any problem areas and working with your skin’s natural collagen to give a firmer looking finish.

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Enzymatic peels

which use natural fruit acids to dissolve dead skin cells, supporting renewal and soften skin texture with minimal irritation.

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Oxygenic Peels

which offer numerous benefits for a healthy and radiant complexion.

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Mesoaestetic Treatments

Mesoaestitic has an international reputation in the field of cosmetic medicine and is recognised as one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical laboratories for its depigmentation treatments.

I am proud to offer a range of treatments developed by Mesoaestetic.

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