Melanie Buxton

I started Perfect Synergies in 2019 after my own journey through health and wellness led me to develop a keen interest in gut health and the importance that it can have for your physical, mental and overall wellbeing. After having suffered for many years with digestive issues which led to numerous symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps, uncontrollable weight gain, lack of energy and skin problems I found that colonic hydrotherapy was significantly helpful in tackling all of these.

This interest blossomed into passion for helping others in a similar situation and I trained in colonic hydrotherapy, earning my qualifications and ARCH listing. I feel strongly that your skin, mood and energy levels are a direct reflection of what is happening in your gut and therefore obtaining optimum colon health and supporting a healthy, functioning digestive system are vital for a feeling of overall health and wellbeing.

So whether it’s a cleansing detox that you are looking for or help with digestive issues/symptoms such as IBS, constipation, bloating and gas, candida overgrowth, MS, ME, toxic headaches, skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis, leaky gut or diverticulosis having regular colonic hydrotherapy treatments could help.

Alongside my qualifications in colonics, I have had a lifelong commitment to good skincare and because of this I offer a complimentary line of skin peels and treatments, luxurious facials and micro-needling to help relax and rejuvenate, treat skin problem areas and help my clients understand how they can better manage their skincare routine – helping you to achieve a perfectly synergistic glow!

It was imperative to me that my clinic offered a friendly, relaxing environment that welcomed everyone and with Perfect Synergies in Newark I feel I have achieved this. Alongside the thought and care I put into the clinic I have also worked tirelessly to ensure that I am using only the best quality products that I have absolute trust in, offering my clients a premium experience with unrivalled results.

Meet the Team

Melanie Buxton

Owner | Colonic Hydrotherapy

I personally offer Colonic Hydrotherapy (see treatment listing for more information), and a range of non-surgical, anti-aging results driven facial treatments to bring you corrective & visible results – all of which are executed to the highest standard using cutting edge technologies and premium products. To achieve the best long term results, courses in facial treatments are always recommended.

Adele Butler

Aesthetics Treatments

Adele is a registered nurse prescriber with over ten years’ experience in the aesthetic industry offering lip filler treatments, anti-wrinkle injections, prophilo, cheek contouring, chin and jawline sculpting, marionette line reduction, nasolabialfold reduction, mole and skin tag removal & vitamin injections.

Charlotte Lee

Holistic Therapies

Charlotte is a highly experienced and very passionate level 5 clinical holistic practitioner offering Reiki, Reflexology and Indian head message.